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Supporting Education in Australia

At TJX, enriching the lives of our customers and neighbors through charitable giving, volunteering, community partnerships, and fundraising has been a part of our DNA for more than 40 years.

Our Community Relations mission is to deliver great value to our communities by helping vulnerable families and children access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future.

Across all our divisions, we bring our community mission to life by focusing our giving on four social impact areas: fulfilling critical basic needs, providing education and training, supporting research and care for life-threatening illnesses, and preventing domestic violence. In 2017 alone, our community efforts supported more than 1,800 non-profit organizations worldwide.

"T.K. Maxx has been a pivotal force in allowing AIME to scale the program to work with almost 10,000 Indigenous kids in Australia alone."

Ben Abbatangelo

Deputy CEO of AIME Mentoring

In 2018, T.K. Maxx in Australia was proud to begin supporting AIME Mentoring, which provides mentoring and educational services to high school students who are Indigenous across Australia. Founded in 2005 by a student at the University of Sydney, AIME’s goal is to support these students in finishing high school and continuing their education or finding employment at the same rate as other Australian children. AIME connects high school students with university mentors, and through a guided curriculum, participants attend weekly sessions, working through the course material, as well as skills like leadership and self-esteem, alongside their mentors. In 2018, more than 10,000 Australian high schoolers went through the program.

In Australia, T.K. Maxx supports AIME through customer and Associate fundraising campaigns and volunteering. In 2018, this activity included, raffles, sponsorship of the Sydney City2Surf fun run, and our first in-store fundraising campaign. Our support helps AIME provide their program along the east coast of Australia.

"T.K. Maxx has been a pivotal force in allowing AIME to scale the program to work with almost 10,000 Indigenous kids in Australia alone,” said Ben Abbatangelo, Deputy CEO of AIME Mentoring.

“Beyond this, they've backed us to design the most cost effective, scalable, and repeatable solution to alleviating educational inequality on the planet.”